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Adobe XD




UX Design


Website Design & Development


Design a mobile app for engineering students to help them find their study notes easily. Also design and develop the product website.



Students in engineering college finds difficult to prepare notes for exam due to less available resources


No much mentoring available


Need to go through multiple books at times to prepare notes on certain topic


After understanding the client’s requirements and business details, the solutions recommended are as below:

  • A search feature has been provided in the app so that students can find notes easily.
  • The request notes feature has been added so that, resources or notes can be made available on demand.

My Role

  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Creative process

Helped the client with designing the product app and website by understanding the goals and success metrics for the project. Followed the traditional UCD (User Centric Design) process.








After understanding the business goals and project requirement, I planned to conduct preliminary research by connecting with some college students, as the project revolves around them. The purpose of this research was to figure out the below areas.

  • To deep dive into students actual needs and validate the pain points shared from business.
  • To understand quantitative data (how much percentage of students have the issue). Do they need help with something else?
  • To eliminate assumptions, and validate early stage solutions.

The process I used to conduct my research findings was Lean UX & MVR (Minimum Viable Research) as I needed to validate my hypothesis and have some insights to share with the stakeholders.

During the research, I had interviewed around 8 students from different locations and came across some interesting facts.

  • Direct mentorship – 70%
  • Notes requirement – 55%
  • Used any similar services before – 2%


In this phase, I presented the research findings with stakeholders, to re-look into the requirement. The goals of this process was to figure out the below areas.

  • To define the user’s journey and map out the activities.
  • To understand different tasks user might be willing to perform by creating User stories & HMW (How Might We) questions.
Some of the HMW questions from the workshop>
  • How might we make customer aware of the application?
  • How might we make notes/documents search easier?
  • How might we verify duplicate contents?
  • How might we make trust customer for online payment?


After lot of user interactions and connect, finally we arrived at solutioning. So, I organized a brainsorming session where we followed the storyboarding & Crazy 8 method. The workshop included multiple stakeholder from client – Sales lead, developers, business manager.

The reason, I went ahead with this approach, was to get the ideas stakeholders were trying to implement, as they were confusions and unprioritized requirement. So the personas we created, helped the stakeholder frame the user stories mentioning the features. Followed which we went with sketching the solutions.

User story
User story

The product was designed for two different roles. One for the users and other for admin with different tasks.

For users
  • Search notes or mentors on specific topics
  • Request for notes or mentorship session on specific topic of users choice
  • Sharing of notes with others
For admin
  • Approval for notes published in platform
  • Request for notes or mentorship session on specific topic of users choice
  • Sharing of notes with others


We started with creating the information architect, followed by wireframes to validate the content layout for the app. After creating the hifi mockups I also performed Usability testing to validate the designs.

Color scheme

The color scheme was selected based on brand attributes and persona.

color palette
UI elements

Based on the type of Personas, we tried with 2-3 font options and the type selected was Raleway which is a Sans-serif font.

Request Notes
Request Notes
Request Notes

Usability findings


The search feature was not clearly understood by users


Question papers were one of the primary requirements


New upload was confusing for users, so moved to upload


CTA's were seen as a secondary action, not very clear


Users wanted to see the category as well

Key impact

The app was initially launched in Assam state. Post launch, it was initially downloaded by more then 500+ students. Some of the key highlights we tracked.

  • Return Users – 65%
  • Notes downloaded – 1000+
  • Notes requested – 200+
  • Mentorship sessions – 650+

Website Development

Post the app was delivered I also started working on the website design of the product. As some of the process and goal alignment were alredy done in the app design process, I started with wireframes to validate the content layout for the website.

The biggest challenge we had here was to align that the website to be created will be informative instead of the web app of the product.

I started with creating the wireframes to align the website layout and content pattern.

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