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Helping startups to bring your vision into life by solving complex UX problems for B2B & B2C products with UX research, startegy & rapid prototyping


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UX Design

Helped the pricing support team save time by 90% with the re-design of the price setting dashboard


UX Design

Helped with UX solutions by designing a mobile app for students where notes can be made easily available.

Ready bringing your vision to life

Let’s turn ideas into results. From branding and web design to content creation and digital marketing. We can work together to bring your vision to life with creative process and innovative ideas


Data-driven design decisions and identify market opportunities for your products and services


Crafting seamless digital experiences from wireframes to interactive prototypes


Gain valuable insights, analyze user behavior for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement

Willing to start your career as a UX Designer

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Happy Clients

Your help was on-time which helped us improve the relationship with the client.  I am sure we can together make greater strides in the near future.

Saeesh Nayak

Pardot Administrator, KVP Business Solutions

I liked Dulal for his positive attitude to understand and respond quickly to requirements and executing to deliver with his complete packed designing and technical skills.

Mohan Mariswamy

UI/UX Lead, Attra

It was a very supportive and I got the desired deliverables within the time frame. Very professional and customer centric.

Subra Mukherjee

Coach, TEDx Speaker, Map Ur Mind


I believe design is the visual representation of your thinking & emotions

Hi, I’m Dulal Deb

A developer turned into a self-taught UX Designer helping startups solve complex UX problems with creative thinking & raping prototyping.

I also help design aspirant level up their career with mentorship, live workshops & portfolio review.

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