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Top 5 CSS frameworks

September 3, 2021

If you are looking for CSS frameworks to use in your project, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will see the top 6 CSS frameworks that you can use in your next web design projects.

Using a CSS framework provides a great advantage for developers as they consider multiple areas like grid system, cross browser compatibility, responsiveness, and many more.

So let us explore what are those.

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What is CSS

Benefits of using a CSS framework

Top 6 CSS framework

What is CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet. It is used for styling your web pages. CSS3 is the latest version with multiple features like (box model, flexbox, grid, and many more) making styling and layout creation much easier for developers to develop websites and apps.

Benefits of CSS frameworks

  1. Consistent styling across the application or website
  2. Cross-browser support
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Industry-standard technology for UI design
  5. Lightweight
  6. Community support

Bootstrap is one of the most heavily used UI frameworks when it comes to responsive website design and development. It is easier to adapt and integrate with any of your front-end web development frameworks like Angular, React, Vue JS etc. Its one of my goto framework for website development as well

Benefits of using Bootstrap

  • Easy to adapt an integrate in project
  • Open source
  • Takes care of responsive design
  • Both LESS & SASS support
  • Wide community support

Learn from Bootstrap documentation.

Material Design

Developed by Google designers, if you are fond of Google’s design, then Materialize.CSS should be your next choice of CSS framework. It is free to use and also has similar patterns and components to Bootstrap.

Learn more from Materialize CSS documentation

Zurb Foundation

Foundation is the most advanced framework developers can use to design their projects. It is highly customizable, mobile-first, and semantic by nature. The latest version of Foundation is now v6. The framework also supports email development as well.

Learn more from Foundation documentation

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UI Kit

UI Kit can be your other choice of CSS framework if you are looking for unique UI components to be included in your project. With components like Cover, Print, Switcher, Thumbnav, and many more UI Kit comes with much more pre-built components, unlike other CSS frameworks.

UI Kit also comes with SASS, LESS, and Webpack support which makes it easier to be integrated with any front-end development framework.

Learn more about UI Kit from its official documentation


Well, congrats 🎉✨for completing the article, and by now you must have got a fair understanding of some of the best CSS frameworks that you can use it in your next web design project.

Every framework comes with their own benefits which needs to be analyzed properly before using the same. My personal favourite is two of them from the list above Bootstrap  and Material Design by Google. Do let me know, in the comments below which is your favourite and the one you use in your development project.

See you, in my next article!

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