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Siterulers Terms of Use for any content, services, product

The terms of service mentioned herewith, might be changed time-to-time in accordance with our change in business or services, partners and affiliation.

The access or use of the website and its content signifies the users agree to be bound to these Terms. If users does not agree to these Terms, users may not use our services, products or use the website and the content.


  1. All design elements needed to complete the work, including but not limited to fonts, stock, images, and existing branding elements are the financial responsibility of the client, who will retain the right to use them.
  2. Any requested work outside the scope of the proposal/contract will be charged at [price]/hour. (e.g. extra revisions, extra design mockups, last-minute changes, etc.)
  3. Any new components of design requested outside the scope of the proposal/agreement will be subject to a new design estimate and invoice
  4. Incase of any purchases done by Siterulers for any project related materials on behalf of client, the billing will be made against actual invoice, which needs to be borne by the client solely.  


Payments related to any of our services must be paid 50% in advance after acceptance of service proposal or contract by the client, after which the work will be started. Remaining 50% can be paid after successful delivery of the project.

We accept payments in the below mentioned ways:

  • Bank Transfer
  • UPI
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Paypal

While making any payment you might be asked to share some of your personal information which is transferred to our payment processing partner Razorpay and Paypal.

Disclaimer: Incase, of any dispute or if the client wants to discontinue for any reason, payment made in advance will not be refunded. However client needs to make payments till the phase of work completed.


Siterulers (or me) reserves the right to provide enrollment to students in any particular course once the payment terms are finalized. Any student who fails to make payment by the due dates can make the payment before or on the next due date as per his/her choice.

Students are expected to complete their dues related to any purchase (like tools, themes, etc) from Siterulers (or me) before the course completion, failing to do that, will incur a late fee of 5% on the actual price of the item purchased from us.

For any missing classes, from the student’s side, he/she can go through the recorded session or if the student is an individual, he/she can inform and request an extra class which can be availed upon mutual discussion of time and date.

Any missing classes, from Siterulers, students will be informed ahead of time, and the class will be automatically rescheduled/extra class will be added

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