MAERSK is an integrator shipment & logistics organization. To modernize their internal products in terms of scalability, integration of new Design System and support Pricing Managers to set pricing in an easy manner by eliminating to work with 3rd party tools & manual reports.





Experience Map


Hifi Mockups










My Role

Worked as a solo designer with complete ownership of the product by following end-to-end design process



Pricing Managers have no inland data visibility


No activity log to view the updates made by any PMs


No option to view initial rate card


Manual setting of Pricing Ladders



Redesign of Dashboard with more data visibility


Design a log page with amendment data


Integration of notification to auto enable Pricing Ladders on demand

Design impact

Unified dashboard

Easy access to reports

Unified UI elements for seamless experience

Automatic alerts for price settings

Business outcomes

50% time reduced in price setting

Reduced operational cost



Creative process

In this project, I followed the Design Thinking approach. I started with Heuristic Evaluation followed by Generative User Reseach to understand the current experience of the users using the product, their needs and expectations. 


The project was to re-design our current Pricing portal, so I started with Heuristics Evaluation to analyze the exisiting Usablity issues with the product and what we can improve before starting out the new design.

The Heuristics Evaluation was conducted in collaboartion with a Usability Expert. The report shared served our Product Owners to prioritize the backlog. Apart from that it also gave me a direction on what additional I need to learn from my users in terms of product experience. So, I conducted a Generative User Research

  • User Interviews to capture user challenges, needs
  • Contextual enquiry to understand how users are actually using the product daily to make informed decisions

Research goals

  • Uncover any issues users are facing in their day-to-day work
  • What aspects of the product work well for the users? What do users find frustrating?
  • Identify key areas of focus that needs to be prioritized
  • Use opportunities to help inform UX Roadmap

Research insights

Easy data visualization

Graphical data  represntation can be made easier to read for making informed decision. Also can have filters for comparison

Error prevention

Prompt users with actionable error message for wrong doings at the earliest in their preferred channel to take any precautions in any route

Seamless experience

To have similar functional behavior throughout the app & should have all functional capabilities integrated into one app supported by external products


I also conducted a Survey to get the prespective of the data captured from research from all users using the product. And it was great revelation as the idea of conducting Survery proved positive. More than 90% of users response matched the research insights. Which was very conclusive for me to suggest that certain areas require UX attention with a overall redesign with integrating of new design system.

Survey insights




Error Prevention


Easy Visualization


Seamless Experience

Now the most interesting work for me was to present those insights to my product owner for prioritization of the work along with existing ongoing work. For which I created the report in two different formats.

  •  A detailed report in Dovetail, with high-level overview in Confluence
  • Presentation consists of – Research Plan, Persona, Experience Map, Key Finding

The Journey Map was created as it was easy to present the UX recommendations against each area of the product in an easy readable format. It was also helpful for the stakeholder to review the details as well.



  • The research findings turns out to be very helpful when connecting with stakeholders
  • Team collaboration, all research work was done together with developers
  • Driving end-to-end research work was fun and challenging to get hold to participants and also stakeholder buy-in

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