7 best tools for freelancers to use in 2023

7 best tools for freelancers to use in 2023

Working as a freelancer is always challenging especially when you are just starting out. While it is always fun and exciting to work as a freelance at your own pace, but with the right tools you can improvise your delivery speed and increase your productivity. And if you are a freelance designers, in this article, you will find the 7 best tools for freelancers to use in 2023.

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Introduction to Freelance

Benefits of Freelance

7 best tools for freelancers

Introduction to freelance

Freelance or freelancing can be termed as the work done by an individual for any client or organization but not as a full-time employee. The work engagement could be long-term or short-term depending on the project requirements. An individual who works as a freelancer gets paid either hourly or monthly based on the contract between the client, and the freelancer. To learn more about the pricing strategy check out the complete guide on freelancer pricing strategies.

Benefits of using tools

  1. Faster in doing your work
  2. Improved productivity
  3. Reducing manual work
  4. Professionalism

7 best tools for freelancers

In this section, let us explore the 9 best tools for freelancers to use in 2023 to enhance their productivity and showcase professionalism in your business.


Trello from Atlassian is one of the best tools for freelancers to manage projects that you can use completely for free. It has multiple built-in templates which can be reused easily. Since Trello is a web-based application so you can access and manage your project remotely. I use Trello for managing all my client projects and below are some of the best features.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Prebuilt templates for almost any workflow
  • Fully customizable
  • Can use visuals a lot, which I love
  • You can invite multiple collaborators or share the project board with your client

If you are still managing your projects manually, then I would definitely recommend using Trello in 2023. It is completely free and you can create a beautiful client portal to onboard them professionally.


Slack is an instant messaging web-based tool to communicate with your team and clients. Emails and connecting over lifestyle messaging apps like Whatsapp might look easier but over time I have realized that it is not a great way of communication.  And after working with multiple organizations I have experienced that we do not communicate all topics under one bucket, which makes things easy to follow up.

So I thought of enhancing my communication process when working on my client projects. And to my surprise, Slack is the best tool for freelancers to use when it comes to instant messaging or collaboration. I use Slack for communicating with my client team and below are some of the best features.

  • You can create a workspace for each project, instead of overloading your Whatsapp with business groups
  • Can create multiple channels and onboard teams accordingly
  • Inbuilt chatbot to notify you of missed updates
  • Can integrate apps to manage your workflow
  • You can even save and mark for reminder option, which I love the most

If you are still communicating over emails or WhatsApp, then I would definitely recommend using Slack in 2023. It is completely free.


Another best tool for freelancers on my list is Dotcal a call scheduling app. Just like other applications, Dotcal is also web-based with enhanced features, unlike its competitors. I use Dotcal for scheduling calls through my website and below are some of the best features.

  • Customizable page for call scheduling
  • Can embed inside your own website, which I love the most
  • Can integrate apps of your choice like GMeet, Zoom, etc. apart from their native call feature.

If you are struggling to have your own personalized branded call scheduling app, then I would recommend to try Dotcal in 2023. Dotcal is completely free, but they do have a paid plan for added benefits.


Notion is a great tool not just for freelancers but for anyone who prefers to keep notes digitally. It is a web-based freemium note-taking application. Based on your needs Notion can help you maintain all your activities in one single place, act as your project management tool and much more. I use Notion for my project and personal planning, making notes and capturing useful information whenever I find any. Below are some of the best features that I like.

  • Free to use with unlimited canvas space
  • Ready made templates created by professionals using the tool
  • Easily accessible as it is web-based and they do have their app
  • Can create unlimited pages and never ending hierarchy
  • Nesting of pages inside another page
  • Easy to share

If you are working as a designer or consultant then Notion could come pretty hand during your meetings to take notes, as it is easily shareable and collaborative.


As a freelancer, you would like to communicate with your audience about your services, products, etc. in a regular basis. For which you would need a reliable, easy-to-use, email automation software to help you. And Mailchimp is the best tool for freelancers to use in 2023 for email marketing. I use it for sharing my  updates, products details, etc. Some of the best features are mentioned below.

  • Free upto 500 email contacts
  • Can create Landing pages and Lead Generation funnel
  • Automated email with multiple journeys
  • Can perform A/B Testing
  • Free to use pre-built email templates

If you are a beginner just starting out Mailchimp could be one of the best email marketing tool as it has a free plan and easy to use.


Are you someone who likes to post your experiences, tips etc on social media with your community on a regular basis, but also miss out on your schedule at times. Do not worry, I got you covered. Presenting you with another best tools for freelancers to schedule your posts across multiple social media platforms named Buffer. Some of the benefits of using Buffer.

  • Free to use
  • Can schedule posts across multiple platforms, all from one place
  • Available in both iOS and Android
  • Easily accessible via browser extension

Buffer could be super useful for those who plan to publish or engage audience in multiple platforms as an individual.


Figma is one of the best tools for freelancers to use in 2023 if you are planning to work as a designer to create design mockups and prototypes. Figma is also an industry-standard design tool, which is also my favorite. Some of the benefits of Figma.

  • Free to use and easy to learn.
  • Community support
  • Live collaboration tool
  • Web-based and standalone applications supported cross platforms
  • Can use for design handoff

If you are new to design and want to learn about Figma, check out the detailed guide on How to design a responsive landing page in Figma. Visit my youtube channel for more tutorials on UI Design using Figma.


Grammarly is a free plugin which is used to assit you in writing by suggesting correct spellings, sentence pattern, etc. It is another best tool in my list which I completely rely on when writing the articles in my blog.

If you are also struggling to write correct gramatical sentence, then try Grammarly which could be of great help. Grammarly is also available as free plugin for browser


Last but not the least best tools for freelancers to use in 2023 is Razorpay a payment gateway platform to collect payments for your services and products. It is very easy to use and can also integrate with your website via Razorpay plugin. I use Razorpay to collect payments for my products I sell from my website. Some of the benefits of using Razorpay.

  •  Can create custom payment pages
  • Accept payments within India and internationally
  • Instant refund or settlements available within a day
  • Can create subscription paln for collecting recurring payments
  • Dashboard to manage your payment details
  • You can also create automatic reminders for delayed payment

The best thing I like about Razorpay is completely free and they only charge a nominal fee on every transactions. If you are managing your payments manually and struggling with delayed payments, then try Razorpay to improve your payment process easily.


To have a great business there is always a need to have great tools and process that will simplify your manual task and help you focus on actually building your business and eliminate unwanted tasks. In order to enjoy your freelance journey start exploring tools that best help your business run smoothly and easily with less work.

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