Top 10 Figma plugins to 5X your workflow

Top 10 Figma plugins to 5X your workflow

If you are someone new to FIGMA and looking to explore and learn the best plugins that you can use in your FIGMA project, then you are at the right place.

In this below article, you will learn the top 10 plugins that you can use to increase your workflow.

So let’s try to explore them.

Table of contents

What is Plugin?

Benefits of using plugins

How to install a plugin?

10 plugins to 5X your workflow

What is Plugin?

Plugins are added functionality or feature which helps to enhance your workflow in an easy way

Benefits of using Plugins

  • Enhance FIGMA capabilities
  • Reduced work time
  • Automate your work
  • Makes it easier to create certain design elements like Arcs, Graphs, etc.

How to install Plugin

To install a plugin in FIGMA, you can do it in two simple steps.

Step-1: Go to Community options

Select the Community option from the top left corner, as shown below.

Step-2: Select plugins

Search for the plugin from the Search bar on top. Filter Plugins from left. Select Try it out to install the plugin and use it in your project.

Top 10 Plugins to 5X your workflow

Below is the list of the top 10 recommended plugins to have for any designer.


It is a great plugin from Iconify and Vjacheslav Trushkin that displays the combined list of multiple icon libraries in one single place. The settings panel of the Iconify plugin looks something like below. You can try out the Iconify plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • Available for free and can be used in commercial projects.
  • Multiple formats like Line, Duotone, and Filled Icons.
  • Fully customizable.
Lorem Ipsum

Another great plugin by Dave Williames that allows you to generate random content for your UI elements. You can use it to generate words, sentences, and paragraphs. The settings panel of the Lorem Ipsum plugin looks something like below. Try out the Lorem Ipsum plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • Available for free and can be used in both personal and commercial projects.
  • You can generate the exact number of words you need for your content by using the number counter.
  • One of the best features is the Auto-generate, which generates the exact number of words or sentences that fit in your frame, unlike the default Generate, which overflows the content outside your frame.

Blobs from Dylan Feltus help you to generate custom shapes. Such shapes are mostly used as background elements for photography on websites. You can try out the Blobs plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • Create custom shapes easily.
  • Unique shapes every time and also it gets created in vector format.
Logo Creator

Logo Creator by By Hexorial StudioDeepand Manthankumar Satani is a must-have plugin and a great resource for finding logo inspiration within FIGMA. There are different categories from which you can select the logotype of your choice. Now no need of moving out of FIGMA for finding logo inspirations. You can try out the Logo Creator plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • Prebuild collections of logos in a variety of formats Standard Collections, Black & White, and many more.
  • Fully customizable logo in vector format.

Unsplash by Kirill ZakharovLiam Martensand Unsplash is one of my favorite plugins on the list. No need to move out of FIGMA now to search for high-quality free images. Just install the plugin and search for images of your choice. This plugin makes an API call to pull out the images from Unsplash official website right into your FIGMA workspace. You can try out the Unsplash plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • High-quality images are available for free.
  • Time-saving, as we do not have to wonder about multiple places for images.
  • Can go for Unsplash+ for royalty-free images.
Foundation Color Generator

Another favorite on the list is Color Generator by Jorge Fernandes. You can very easily create color schemes based on Design Systems available within the tool. At present, the plugin supports four Design Systems which are Orbit, Atlassian Design System, Material Design System, and Ant Design System. Try out the Foundation Color Generator plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • You can actually ensure colors are accessible by checking the contrast ratio right from the shade generator.
  • Generate color styles directly from the plugin
  • You can even generate the colors on multiple tones available like Dark or Surface.
Icons8 Background Remover

This plugin is another great resource to include in your plugin list. You can remove the background of any image now within FIGMA completely for free. This plugin is from Icons8 itself. Try out the Icons8 Background Remover plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • Remove the background of any images completely for free
  • No subscription required
  • Unlimited usage to remove backgrounds
Content Reel

Content Reel is directly from Microsoft and Eugene Gavriloff. This plugin allows you to create your own content and design layouts more efficiently by pulling text strings, images, and icons. You can try out the Content Reel plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • Create real custom content for your design mockups.
  • Search icons via picture instead of text.
  • Lots of real-looking content can be used in your designs.

Last but not least is the Arc plugin from unfold. It is a super cool plugin that allows you to create arc-shaped text right within FIGMA. No need to go for Photoshop or Illustrator. And thanks to the community once again for bringing this out. You can try out the Arc plugin from the FIGMA community.


  • Create curved-shaped text for free.
  • Can create both upwards and downwards-curved text.

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Check out the actual implementation of each plugin from the above list in the video below.


Well, congrats 🎉✨for completing the article, and by now you must have got a fair understanding of what plugins are and their benefits. Also, some of the commonly used plugins can help you in your design workflow.

Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite plugin from the list above and what other plugin you use in your daily design work. Catch you soon in my next article.

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